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The Old Red Barn

Phone: 334-285-2487

5031 Main St,, Millbrook, AL 36054

Open: Mon, Tues,Thurs, 9AM - 4:30PM; Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday 9AM - 12PM


People have asked "What kind of customer are you all looking to help?"  Well the answer depends on the customer's need. From a new product perspective, we are focused on what we believe are high quality, reasonable cost, and well built solutions.  We are not interested in carrying the cheapest zero turn or handheld unit on the market. We want our customer to feel the difference when they use the product bought from us.

From a service perspective we can fix just about anything. We have worked on yellow, red, orange, and green lawn equipment.  We have fixed UTVs, ATVs, generators, and all kinds of other power equipment. Our job is to provide a high quality service and to fix it right.  We are not interested in cutting corners to make it cheap.  If it is not worth fixing we will be upfront about it. We will provide as accurate as possible a quote on the cost up front before we start the repair process.


Whether you are looking for equipment rental or you simply need your lawnmower repaired, we strive to make the experience friendly and easy.

1) It starts with how we treat others. 

2) We understand what we sell and help match it to your needs.

3) We don't charge extra for time spent repairing something we have to learn about in the process. 

4) We carry high quality products that are  considered professional grade from a craftsmanship and operational prospective.


What makes our company and your experience different is our team. We invest in their training. Everyone is empowered to do what is right. We have created a friendly and helpful atmosphere where we can serve others.


We do things based on a process.  Where we can follow a process we do. We want to be safe in what we do and create a repeatable experience of excellent service along the way.


We are grateful to say that we have traditional values about integrity, work ethic, and how to treat people.  We leverage technology to improve our response time and safety.  We could do it the old fashioned way, but we know that today's high tech world is one we have adapted to and can make a part of our traditional values.

Our Team

Adam - Adam is a Master Certified mechanic with Briggs and Stratton, and works in our sales area. Adam is one of our Founders.

Chad - Chad is a Master Certified mechanic with Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki, Kohler, and Honda, and works in our sales area.

Cheetah - Cheetah is one of our mechanics.

Dave - Dave works with new product sales and research.

Glenda - Glenda has been around small motors for years and is a well known face in Millbrook. Glenda works in our parts department.

​John - John is one of our mechanics.

Randy - Randy works our service counter and mechanics on Saturdays. Randy is one of our Founders.

Richard - Richard is one of our certified mechanics and has been around Millbrook for years working on small motors.

Wes - Wes is one of our mechanics and is very talented in electronics and hydraulics.


Question: What repair work can The Old Red Barn do?

Answer: We were pleasantly surprised by the immediate response we received as 'word-of-mouth' spread about our opening. There is an obvious demand for small motor repair and we are enjoying making a difference. In some cases we are seeing turn around in as little as 24 hours.   Lawn mowers, weed eaters, hedge trimmers, UTVs, and chainsaws are just a few things we have fixed.  We can pick your equipment up or arrange a time for you to drop it off at our store.

Question: Why open another small motor repair business when there are already so many?

Answer: We often see people are being treated poorly in the service industry.  We wanted to create a place the entire family would feel comfortable visiting.  We wanted a place that could make a difference in our community and we believe this will allow us to do that.  We also know people do not want to wait four weeks for a repair. A typical repair usual takes 24 hours or less and if we order parts we will do so quickly and turn the product back around to you.

Question: Where did the logo come from and why?

Answer: When we were thinking about naming the business, we knew first what we wanted to offer: excellent products, quality service, and a down-home friendly environment.  One evening the idea of the "old red barn" being an icon of our country heritage came to mind. It made me think of how many tools, hidden treasures, and great memories were made in the shop with my dad or with friends fixing things.  That is where the idea came from and what we wanted to really create in our company The Old Red Barn.  Although the digital age is certainly a part of how we do business, the people behind it can still be friendly and easy to interface with.  Let us show you how we make it a great place to be a part of.

Lawn Mower Repair Shop where people matter

​​You may have us work on something as simple as your lawn mower repair job, but we know there is really more to it.  We know that at the end of it all, it is the relationship that makes the difference. We have made The Old Red Barn a place your entire family can feel comfortable being at and doing business with.  We will carry a variety of products and services, and help you along the the way to determine what is best for your needs.

We will not compromise by rushing and making a mistake. We will do our best to fix quickly what you bring to us and provide you new products that we believe offer a good price for performance value.

We founded this company on principles we learned from Jesus.  We want all people to know they will be treated with respect and kindness regardless of their beliefs.The Old Red Barn lawn mower repair
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